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Good Widow

Published by sham under , on Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stretching ourselves in the tent while waiting for the sun to make it's comeback, this rainy and bleak sky is the only glimpse of the outside world on that gray December afternoon. That flying fox structure is beckoning us to come outside, yet it is almost impossible to do so as heavens has opened up and poured everything out at it's might. This was our view at ZGH for the next two days, giving us some sense of thrill, adventure and utmost tranquility.

Picture perfect

Published by sham under , on Saturday, July 18, 2009

I saw this picture for the first time in Wan's facebook. I fell in love instantly. What with the fact that I just finished reading If you could see me now which was given to me by Kak Kui. Oh, you know Cecelia Ahern write excellent books which can bring you off your feet and your mind go wandering endlessly and imagining things and places. The moment I laid eyes on this picture I immediately remember the scene where Elizabeth and Luke and Ivan circling around and dancing and laughing in the field by the sea trying to catch Jinny Joes. Ok, ok, in that plot there was no kamben sunbathing as Wan has given the title for this picture, but nevertheless, it seems alike. One way or another. Agree? No? ;)

Cut the story short, I begged Wan to print it as a postcard and send it over. I would really love it if I can get hold of that beaaauuuttiifull picture. That is way better and lovelier considering I might not know when I am able to go to Wales or whether I am able to go at all for that matter and witness such a picture perfect moment.

But guess what, I received something way better. Something which is very personal and embodies that picture perfect moment. I was touched. Really really touched. Thank you Wan! Couldn't ask for more! Couldn't ask for something better :D

The Best birthday card ever!
(pls ignore that spot of light :D)

p/s : Sorry I pulled your leg Wan, I received it, weeks ago. Safe and sound thehehe


Published by sham under on Thursday, July 09, 2009

You slot in your keys into the lock, you turned it and the door click open. You step inside, and you see your cousin, male, is sleeping in the living room, stark naked. It is your aunt's house. His aunt's house too, not his house or his mom's house.

It's our aunt's house.

What would you do?

I almost kicked his a*s for being so idiotic, nincompoop and selfish. I just had my dinner. He's lucky I didn't vomit on him.



Published by sham under , on Monday, June 22, 2009

There's a reason for not updating for quite some time and I might say it is divided into two parts. Part one is mostly due to 'lazy'ing around and enjoying my time after so called hard work and lack of sleep before my exams. After I'm done with lazing around killing the time, came the part of me wanting to update a lot of things but lacking the mood. Part two was mainly because of this past week I have been in such a bad mood and mood swings that if I update this blog it might end up with bitter words and sentiments and would leave me rolling my eyes to the seventh heaven when I read it again later. So, I decided against updating anything even though Wan came along peeking around my blog and succumbed to spider bites. Poor you! Hehe

I don't blame anybody for my bad mood and tantrums that I'm throwing towards myself. Nobody caused it or triggered it per say, but a lot of people and events heightened the moodiness (is there such word?). I'm stating this down here as a reminder to myself in the future as not to organize anything for this particular person anymore, not at all even though that person begs like there's no tomorrow. Because you know what? Enough is enough. I organized a trip for that person, texting and calling other friends to make it happen and when everything is almost in order, that person delivered a very very unacceptable reason to my ears and my mind for that matter. And so out of compassion and my desire in fulfilling that person's dream, I pulled another one, informed that person of the venue and time, and guess what, that person went silent, without even replying my msg. Hey, you know what? I'm not going to call you to ask whether you're joining or not even though the trip was organised for YOU! Because I'm sick and tired with such attitude of ungratefulness and childish tak bertempat. Period.

If that was typed away last week, I can almost assure myself it would come out more bitter and sneer. I'm just letting it out of my system, as a reminder in the future, that's all.

I cooled down bit by bit during the week. Thanx to lepaking with Syera and her brother and chatting away bout what we love most (Sorry Syera!). And lovely screams from the ever cute Hadhinah Afiqah when I called her Mama to wish Hadhinah Happy 1st Birthday. How time flies. Oh, her Papa said "Dia tak paham lagi la birthday" but I would really love to believe she understood it because when I talked to her on the phone she was quiet and when her Mama pulled away the phone, she started screaming her lungs out and when the phone is put to her ears again, she was silent and listening intently to me (perasan). And then there was this scary yet hilarious thingy happened to me and my car at the Sprint Highway which left me laughing alone in the car all the way from that toll booth until I reached client's place in TISB. And also after sharing fits of laughter watching Maru the Cutest Cat from Japan on youtube which was shared by Wan (Thanx Dear!). And aslo after a scrumptious dinner with Syera and her other half last night (Thanx u guys!) at a very lovely place with an excellent live band amidst the mosquito bites. And the fact that Papa and Mama are actually worried for leaving me in KL for these past two weeks while they are in BP enjoying the fruits. I wonder who is more clingy these days? Me clingy to them, or they are the ones who are clingy to me ;)

Ok, this post is going nowhere. So, I just hope this elevated level of progesterone hormone won't get any worse as it is with nausea and what not. And I'm simply thankful to Allah that I get to wake up and take in another day, Alhamdulillah. With great friends that I can't thank enough, Alhamdulillah. And the best parents that Allah had bestowed upon me. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. :)

Happy Birthday Fira!

Published by sham under on Friday, June 12, 2009

Wishing you

the best birthday

the best of health

the ultimate happiness

barakah and rahmah from Him, all your life

May today be the happiest day

and may all your dreams come true

and since you're in a far far away land

at the moment I'll just give you the picture of the yummiest apple cake on earth

nak the real thing, tunggu kau balik sini




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